About Us
The Vape House online vape shop has come later into the company's journey than most would expect, Simply because as a business we love the interaction and ability to help our customers through the process of switching from smoking to vaping that a high street vape shop provides and we didn’t like the idea of being disconnected from our customers and just being a company that sold Vape Products without actually helping people on the journey of switching.
What changed our minds? Well the truth be told, Our Minds haven’t changed but our mindsets have, Our customers helped us realise that through Social Media, Youtube and this Website we can actually be more connected to our customers than ever and help even more people on the journey of making the switch and that then gave birth to The Vape House Online Vape Shop.
Our Online Vape Shop will be run with the same ethos that we use in our High Street Vape Shops and that is that we are here to help you as much as we can on your journey and as vapers we will only stock products that we could actually use ourselves.
At the Vape House you will find the best products from the biggest manufacturers, Companies like Aspire, Innokin, Voopoo and Smok with Vape kits for all Levels of Experience, From basic Vape Starter Kits and Vape Pens for the Beginner Vaper to Sub Ohm Vape Kits, Vape Mods and Tanks for the More experienced, We will Also hopefully help you understand all of the Vape Industry Jargon by Explaining it in all in user friendly terms.
You will also find a Huge selection of E-liquids and Vape Juices from brands such as Tidy Juice, Dinner Lady, Riot Squad, Zeus Juice and So much more, all of which have been selected by us not just for the huge ranges of flavours but because of the quality of the E-liquids are amongst the best in the Industry.
The Vape House Limited was born in March 2015 and has 2 high street Vape Shops in Caerphilly in South Wales and it’s that experience with the huge amount of customers we have helped make the switch that we hope to bring to you here.
So Please if you have any vape related questions or if you need any help choosing a product on the site then do not hesitate to contact us either through the Contact Form, Social Media or by Calling us on 02920 863037.
As a company, we are not perfect but we will try our very best.
Anyway time for a Vape, Some Caramel Tobacco Flavour and a Coffee I think
Alun, Company Director and General Dogs Body
The Vape House Limited.