E-liquid or more commonly called Vape Juice usually comes in 3 main types, The Main differences being the Consistancy of the E-liquid or the type of nicotine Used and its Important to choose the right E-liquid type for the Vape Kit you are Using so that the coil is able to function properly, If the liquid is too thick the coil may burn out quickly if its too thin it may cause the tank to leak. 
1-  50vg 50pg which is the perfect juice for starter kits as it gives a good balance of flavour and throat hit and isnt too thick for coils on ecig starter kits.
2- Nic Salts, Most are 50/50 but the difference with Nic salts is that the Nicotine Base used is slightly different and enables the user to use a higher nicotine level but with a smoother throat hit. Nic Salts are great in Pod Systems and Starter Kits. 
3- High Vg- These liquids are Higher in Vg meaning the liquid is thicker and will produce more vapour and a smooth throat hit, High Vg E-liquid is Perfect for high powered Sub Ohm Kits, We would not recomend using it in Normal Starter Kits. 
mr fritter
Mr Fritter by Cuttwood 50ml Shortfill
Mr Fritter e-liquid by Cuttwood is a smooth-tasting dessert flavour with fruity notes.
butter 04
Butter 04 by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Butter 04 E-liquid by Supergoodis described as Generous scoops of luscious ice cream, mixed with fruity cereal and finished with crumbled chocolate cookie.
butter 03
Butter 03 by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Butter 03 by Supergood is described as a light and moist lemon sponge with juicy, sweet blueberries, frosted with lush butter cream.
butter 02
Butter 02 by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Butter 02 E-liquid by Supergood is described as mouth watering medley of creamy custard, biscuit and jam, topped with a fluffy cloud of meringue.
butter 01
Butter 01 by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Butter 01 E-liquid by Supergood is described as Sweet mango and passion fruit topped with crispy meringue and finished with lashings of thick, fresh cream.
Zeus Juice Typhon 50ml Shortfill
Typhon by Zeus is A powerful and mighty mix of sweet raspberry and fresh, tangy lemon, sitting atop a divine tower of cookies.
Zeus Juice Dodoberry 50ml Shortfill
Dodoberry by Zeus, Dark forest berries picked from the garden of Zeus, with a subtle fresh mint that will leave your mouth watering.
Zeus Juice Vermillion 50ml Shortfill
The lifeblood of the gods, the colour of the divine. A sublime union of cherry and menthol, ‘reloaded’ with red berries.
dimpleberry ice
Zeus Juice Dimpleberry Ice 50ml Shortfill
All the delicious complexities of the original; berries, menthol and eucalyptus. With a cool refreshing ice. 60ml Shortfill Bottle
the black ice
Zeus Juice The Black Ice 50ml Shortfill
The Black Ice by Zeus