Doozy Vape Co are a E-liquid manufacturer based in yorkshire that offer a wide selection of premium e-liquid Flavours, These are some of our customers favourites. 
Doozy Vape Co 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid
apple chews
Apple Chews by Doozy Vape 50ml Shortfill
Apple Chews E-liquid by Doozy Vape, Extreme Sour Apple Chews. Set your taste buds alight with this memorable sweet and sour tingle of crisp Green Apples.
berry pie
Berry Pie by Doozy Vape 50ml Shortfill
Berry Pie E-liquid by Doozy Vape, Berry Pie a pastry crumble with a smooth satisfying blend of berry and cinnamon that oozes warmth and flavour
Bubbly by Doozy Vape 50ml Shortfill
Bubbly E-liquid by Doozy Vape, Classic Bubbly Bubblegum flavour loaded with school day memories. A nostalgic treat for your taste buds.
cool crush
Cool Crush by Doozy Vape 50ml Shortfill
Cool Crush E-liquid by Doozy Vape, Cool Crush On the inhale, the distinct blue raspberry slush followed by a burst of subzero that combines the berries and brings this to the fore. Perfectly chilled
fizzy lemon
Fizzy Lemon by Doozy Vape 50ml Shortfill
Fizzy Lemon E-liquid by Doozy Vape, A rollercoaster ride for your taste buds. The sweet taste of Candy Lemons followed by a punch of fizzy sherbet.
golden elixir
Golden Elixir by Doozy Vape 50ml Shortfill
Golden Elixir E-liquid by Doozy Vape. A smooth tobacco flavoured e-liquid perfectly combined with caramel toffee and a hint of vanilla
Verylicious by Doozy Vape 50ml Shortfill
Verylicious E-liquid by Doozy Vape, Green apples with a mixture of wild berries and a hint of bubblegum that compliments each individual ingredient to create a divine vape.