Supergood Cocktail range of E-liquids are a Collection of Cocktails Flavours that Vapers that love Fruits and Drink Flavour E-liquid. These are not just good flavours, they are Supergood.
Supergood Cocktails 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid
Bramble by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Bramble E-liquid by Supergood is a fantastic fruit fusion of sweet blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, finished with the zingy zest of lemon.
pornstar martini
Pornstar Martini by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Pornstar Martini by Supergood is a sweet and sultry mix of creamy passion fruit puree and vanilla, finished with Valencian orange.
rum ting
Rum Ting by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Rum Ting E-liquid by Supergood a deep taste of the Caribbean with banana, fresh pineapple juice and sweet maraschino cherry.
Cosmopolitan by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Cosmopolitan E-liquid by Supergood is a Juicy orange mixed with cranberries and lime as a tribute to one of the classics.
pear fizz
Pear Fizz by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Pear Fizz E-liquid by Supergood is a sparkling blend of pressed pear juice and fresh lime, topped with the finest Champagne.
strawberry daiquiri
Strawberry Daiquiri by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Strawberry Daiquiri E-liquid by Supergood a Cuban favourite blending fresh strawberries and palm sugar, finished with a twist of citrus and crushed ice.
blue pom mojito
Blue Pom Mojito by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Blue Pom Mojito E-liquid by Supergood was Winner of Best Drink E-Liquid at Vape Jam 2019
peach bellini
Peach Bellini by Supergood 50ml Shortfill
Peach Bellini E-liquid by Supergood A fusion of sweet, purčed white peaches with a splash of Veneto prosecco and fresh, juicy raspberries.