Tenshi vapes are a UK Based E-liquid company that have created some Lovely Fruit Blends and combined them with Japanese Neon themed Artwork. Tenshi is a relatively new E-liquid company that is getting fantastic reviews for their Premium Fruity E-liquids. 
Tenshi 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid
Ignite by Tenshi Vapes 50ml Shortfill
Ignite By Tenshi is a Blend of sweet and tart notes of Cherry on the inhale followed by a Sweet and Zesty Passion Fruit on the Exhale.
Charge by Tenshi Vapes 50ml Shortfill
Charge by Tenshi is a tantalising mix of Creamy Coconuts, Mangoes, and Pineapples. Creating a Truly Mesmerising Juice.
Rush by Tenshi Vapes 50ml Shortfill
Rush by Tenshi is a Grape Lime Soda The taste of Zingy Limes and Hints of Tart Grapes for a Punchy Fruit Hit
Excite by Tenshi Vapes 50ml Shortfill
Excite By Tenshi Vapes is a Perfect Blend of Sweet and Sour Ripe Tasting Bluebrries on the Inhale with a Tart Blackberry Afterbite