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How to choose your first Vape Kit

So, you’re thinking of purchasing your first vape kit? Or maybe you already have your first vape starter kit  and you are thinking about upgrading? If that’s the case, then this blog can help you! Today we will take a look at some of the subtle differences between the different types of kit, to be able to help you to make an informed choice with your next purchase.

Different Vape Kits

So, let’s take a look shall we?

Sometimes, walking into a vape shop or even looking at vape kits online can be a little overwhelming or confusing, especially with the amount of different kits and liquids that are available. It’s very easy to get yourself lost!

Today, what we hope to do is share with you a few simple tips or steps to help you to make a really informed decision based on your wants and needs. So if you are choosing your first vape kit, look no further…

Step 1 - Decide the Type of Draw you want from your Vape Kit

This step is often overlooked…but at the same time it’s the most important decision that you need to make when looking for your new vape kit. It’s simply choosing which type of draw that you prefer.

Now the draw itself is regulated by the amount of air that comes through the Vape Coil. Less air gives you a tighter draw, whereas the more air gives you a looser draw.

Usually they split it into two main parts, and you will hear these terms quite a lot when looking into vape kits.

MTL Vape Kits

The first one is what we would call mouth to lung. It’s called mouth to lung because quite simply put, the amount of air that is coming through your tank is kept quite minimal so that when you take a puff, it is quite similar in its restriction to that which you will find on a cigarette. To really understand what a mouth to lung draw is, you can have a look at a basic pen style vape kit. The draw itself is really quite restricted and really quite tight. We often find that a lot of people who are new to vaping and looking for their first kit they seem to settle really well with that mouth to lung (MTL for short) simply because it does replicate that cigarette feeling.

DTL Vape Kits 

The second type of draw is direct to lung. Direct to lung means that there is a lot less restriction and there’s a lot more air coming through the tank. This means that instead of taking it into the mouth and then into the lung like you would with a mouth to lung kit, you take all of the air directly into your lung. This means that you get a lot more vapour. But it’s less similar to a cigarette. There is very little restriction with a direct to lung kit - it’s feels almost like you are breathing it directly into your lungs. It’s also the reason why you get a lot more vapour. Most people who are just setting out on their vaping journey aren’t really drawn to that kind of vape, because it doesn’t replicate the cigarette, but very often when people have been using a mouth to lung kit they often find themselves progressing to this type of vape. That’s because they are at the point where they are looking for the extra vapour or maybe looking for a bit of extra flavour or a change in flavours that a direct to lung kit can sometimes present itself with.

After exploring those two different types of draw, you will have mentally made the decision on which type is best for you! So now, we can move on to step 2.

Step 2 - Choose the type of kit that really suits you

The important to remember when choosing the kit is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a mouth to lung style vaper or a direct to lung style vaper. That’s because there will be a kit in every category that will give you the exact draw that you are looking for.

The categories of vape kits are split into three parts:

  • Traditional pen style kit
  • Pod Style Kit
  • Box mod style kit

Again with newbie vapers, we usually find that they prefer the ease of use and the simplicity behind either a pen or a pod style vape kit. As a newbie, you are looking for something that’s really easy to use and you want to just plug and play, getting the type of vape that you want.

Now your other type of kit - your box mod style kit - is popular with people who have been vaping for quite a while. They tend to prefer those types of kit because you get things like extra battery life, digital screens and the ability turn the devices power up and down enabling you to tailor your vape experience. 

Some people like to start straight away on the box mod vape kit. But for the majority of new starters, they like the simplicity of either the pen or the pod.

The other way to choose that first kit is really on what you would prefer to carry and that quite often is just a personal choice. If you’ve already decided the type of draw that you want - either the mouth to lung or the direct to lung - then all of these style kits as long as they are from a good manufacturer are really going to do a good job for you anyway.

So, would you prefer the simplicity of a pen style kit? Would you prefer the sleekness and portability of a pod style kit? Or would you prefer the extra functionality and the extra control of your vape that comes with a box mod vape kit? The choice is yours!

It’s a simple choice, but one that’s very personal.

Step 3 - Choosing the right e-liquid

The third step to this process is getting the right type of e-liquid  that will work best with the type of kit that you have chosen. Now, a basic rule of thumb for this is that if you have chosen a mouth to lung style kit, then you really would be better with a 50/50 e-liquid or a salt based e-liquid. The reason why they will work more efficiently with the kit that you’ve chosen is because they make your coils last a bit longer than a say a high VG liquid would. We also find that when people first start and they choose a mouth to lung kit, they also need a bit of a higher nicotine level. For example, if they are smoking 20 cigarettes a day for instance, then they either want an 18mg 50/50 or they would want a 20mg salt based nicotine.

E-liquid for Vape Kits

But how do you decide between 50/50 and salt based nicotine? Again, it’s an easy choice to make. When you take a drag of a cigarette for instance, you will notice that you get a little bit of a funny feeling on the throat. In vaping, we call that a throat hit. A 50/50 e-liquid would replicate that throat hit that you get with a cigarette. If you don’t want so much of a throat hit, then that’s the reason why you would choose a salt based liquid. With nic salts, you get the same amount of nicotine, but you get that little bit of smoother hit on the back of your throat.

A good suggestion would be to try them both and see which one you prefer.

Now, if you have chosen a direct to lung style vape, then we would use what we call a high VG e-liquid. This is basically a thicker liquid and it’s also one where we would use a lot less nicotine because we are going to consume a far greater amount of vapour. High VG is also one of the reasons why because it’s thicker we get a little bit more vapour or what some people might call cloud.

So, with pens and pod style kit, strictly speaking we should look at 50/50 or salt based and with direct to lung (which some people call sub Ohm kits) we would really look at getting ourselves some high VG juice.

Once you’ve made that decision, there really isn’t much else for you to do other than learn how to use the kit that you’ve chosen to buy. In future blogs, that is definitely something that we’re going to be looking at!

Hopefully, after sharing these 3 simple steps with you, you will find the process of upgrading your kit or getting your first vape kit a much more straight forward and enjoyable one.

We have plenty coming up on the blog where we review different types of kits, show you how to use them and show you how to fill them. So look out for more from our team!

Remember that you can order your vape kits online here.

Get your vape on!



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