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Jotuns Wrath Hack Shot by Drip Hacks

Jotuns Wrath Hack Shot by Drip Hacks, Named after the creatures in Norse mythology that inhabit the world of Jotunheim, these chaotic creatures were a nuisance and at times arch enemies of Odin and the inhabitants of Asgard. This e-liquid concentrate follows this as being both perplexing and full flavoured. The earthy sweet notes of blueberry and zesty lemon combine alongside a healthy dose of fresh menthol to blast away the cobwebs of the palate. Perfect for those that fancy something completely different.
  • Hack Shots are not ready to vape, and they are a concentrate for those that like to make their own Juice. 
  • Hack Shots Contain the perfect amount of concentrate to make 250ml of the finished product. 
  • You will need to add Vg and Pg and nicotine (If required) at your chosen % to the bottle. 
  • Most Hack Shots Need to steep between a week to 6 weeks.