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Voopoo Vape Kits

Voopoo Vape Kits

Voopoo is one of the most recognized and loved brands in the vaping industry. The brand first started producing vape kits almost a decade ago, but their collaboration with GENE, is perhaps one of its most recognized achievements.

In 2017, Voopoo’s collaboration with GENE changed the way their vape kits performed with the launch of their DRAG, which fired up in just 0.025 seconds. The rest, as they said, was history for the brand that soon became a household name.

Even today, Voopoo kits are known for being innovative, well designed, and durable, with something for everyone. It is one of the reasons why their kits are the perfect choice for both newbies and experienced vapors alike.

Voopoo’s Collaboration with GENE

Many people who have not used or purchased Voopoo’s vape kits should start with an understanding of their GENE chip. That’s because the chip offers a significant advantage over other technologies.

GENE is a US chipmaker that created a series of chips for Voopoo’s vaping products in 2017. Their chips include the GENE Trio, AI, TT, Fit, Pod, and Fan. Each chip marks an improvement in the technology as a range of features that users enjoy.

Innovative Vape Kits

While the vaping industry is undoubtedly lined with dozens of other brands, each delivers its own take on what users want. What makes Voopoo stand out is the use of innovation and creativity.

The brand isn’t afraid to launch a product that the market isn’t ready for yet, then campaign to make it the best seller. That’s why Voopoo holds several patents, which make their products, in general, stand out.

Below are a couple of the best Voopoo vape kits you can buy in the UK today.


Many people love the musket’s dual 18650 mod because it can output an impressive 120watts. The kit uses the GENE.TT chipset that comes with a host of smart features allowing users to customize the experience.

Like many Voopoo devices, the PnP pod tank is available in 0.15 ohm and 0.2ohm coils which are great for cloud chasers. However, it can also be used with any other tank by the brand to suit your style of vaping.


The DRAG X Pro is the successor to the Voopoo debut product, with the same stylish and sleek design but with upgraded performance. The device uses the 21700 or the 18650 battery, with an output of 100watts.

The TPP X Pod tank on the kit has a few other features, with the best coil that the brand has created, in our opinion. Furthermore, you have the push-fit TPP coils available in a myriad of ohm ranges which ensures that your vaping preferences are covered.


Now, this is another range that’s immensely popular with vaping enthusiasts. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade from their beginner or starter kit. The kit is powered by a 1500mAh battery with an output of 50watts. However, it charges up quickly via the USB-C port.

The PnP coils are available in 0.3ohm and 0.8ohm resistances. So, if you prefer vaping in this ohm range, then this kit is an excellent choice.


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