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Blueberry and Cherry 100ml E-liquid by Jinx

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Blueberry and Cherry by Jinx, get spellbound and take your taste buds on a magic carpet ride; with this deliciously fruity e-liquid from Jinx. The earthy sweetness tempers out the sour notes of cherry for a well balanced fruity blend. This is then accentuated with an icy finish that refreshes the palate and adds depth to the flavour. This is sure to become a favourite with anyone that loves the simple done well.

Blueberry and Cherry Shortfill E-liquid By Jinx arrive as 100ml of nicotine-free vape juIce in a 120ml bottle, which leaves room for you to add nicotine booster shots if required. 

Don't forget to scratch the panel on your bottle of Jinx to see if you are a prize winner, Will you be Blessed or Jinxed