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Cryo Mango Hack Shot by Drip Hacks

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Cryo Mango Hack Shot by Drip Hacks, South American and Asian Mangoes combine in this singular fruit e-liquid concentrate by Drip Hacks. While it sounds simple it’s anything but. The combination of two types of mango gives syrupy sweet notes alongside tart and pungent notes. It’s a combination that brings balance and deliciousness. It is finished with a generous icy blast that intensifies the flavour and refreshes the palate.
  • Hack Shots are not ready to vape, and they are a concentrate for those that like to make their own Juice. 
  • Hack Shots Contain the perfect amount of concentrate to make 250ml of the finished product. 
  • You will need to add Vg and Pg and nicotine (If required) at your chosen % to the bottle. 
  • Most Hack Shots Need to steep between a week to 6 weeks.