Vape Pen Kits

Vape Pen Kits have been the go-to choice for lots of smokers that have made the switch to vaping throughout the years. When most people think of a vape kit, the first image that comes to mind is probably a Vape Pen. 
Why have they been so popular? Well, vape pens are easy to use; they are often smaller and more discreet than other types of vape kit, and they are often one of the most budget-friendly ways of starting vaping. 
Vape Pens can come in MTL, which means they give a draw similar to a cigarette, and they are also available in DTL or Sub Ohm, which means they have an open draw and produce lots of Vapour. 
All of the Vape Pens Listed here will have if they are an MTL or DTL in the product description, so please keep an eye out for it. 
We Recommend that if you are buying your first Vape Pen to choose an MTL style Vape Pen alongside either a 50/50 E-liquid or Some Nic Salt E-liquid.
If you wish to buy a Sub Ohm Vape Pen, then also be sure to buy some High Vg E-liquid with it to work at its optimum level. 

Benefits of buying a Vape Pen 

  • Easy to use 
  • Built-in battery
  • Choice of Mtl or Dtl
  • Compact and portable

What is the Best Vape Pen?

The Best Vape Pen is the one that you like the look of and will feel happy using. All of the Vape Pens we have on our site will do a fantastic job, with the only differences being battery size, style and manufacturer. 

if you are looking to see what out types of Vape Kits are available then be sure to have a look at our Vape Starter Kits for the New Vaper or our range of box mod vape kits for the more experienced. 
Vape Pens
Innokin Go S Pen Starter Kit
Innokin Go S Pen Starter Kit
The Innokin Go S Starter Kit, it is not only simple and easy to use, it has great flavour, battery life and is a quality and affordable E-Cigarette Kit
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innokin t20-s pen starter kit
Innokin T20-S Pen Starter Kit
The Innokin T20-S Starter kit is for those Beginners and MTL Vapers that want a little more power but still want the simplicity of a pen type E-cigarette and with its 1500 Mah Battery and 18 Watt output this kit certainly delivers.
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aspire pockex aio starter kit
Aspire Pockex Aio Starter Kit
The Aspire Pockex Aio Starter Kit has been one of the best selling Aio systems for a couple of years, Chosen for its Elegant Design and Solid Performance it is easy to see why. Aio stands for all in one meaning the battery and the tank are one unit rather than having a separate tank and battery.
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