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Shortfill E-Liquids

High Vg Shortfill E-Liquid

Explore our range of High Vg Shortfill E-liquids from some of the leading Vape Juice Brands.
High Vg means that the E-liquid is thicker and suitable for the larger tanks found on high powered vape devices. The Thickness of the E-liquid and the device's power contribute to large amounts of Vapour that Sub-ohm Kits produce.
High Vg E-liquids come in Shortfills bottles and don't contain Nicotine, but there will be space in the bottle to add Nicotine Booster Shots if desired.
Our high Vg Range Includes some superb flavours made by some equally great vape juice companies, and we hope you enjoy vaping them as much as we have.

What are Shortfill E-liquids?

Shortfill E-liquids are simply bottles of 0mg vape juice with a 10ml or a 20ml space in the bottle for customers who wish to add nic shots.
For example, 60ml bottles contain 50ml of vape juice which is where it gets the name shortfill.
Shortfill E-liquids usually come in High Vg, which means that the liquids are thicker and produce more vapour or what some people call "Clouds".  
Because of how much E-liquid high powered devices use to produce so much vapour, the High VG Shortfills are the most cost-effective way of running them.
Cost-Effective doesn't mean that you will get a liquid that's not as good, as all of the leading juice brands produce their best selling e-liquid flavours in high VG format.
So you still get to vape your favourite flavours from Dinner lady, Doozy Vape and Zeus Juice. You will see from the many brands listed on our website that your options are enormous.

What are the Best High Vg Shortfill E-liquids

With so many brands and flavours to choose from, it would be hard to pick the best.
Dinner Lady and Riot Squad have won many awards, but so have many other companies. If there is one thing we know about e-liquid flavours, there is an E-liquid Flavour for everyone, but not one e-liquid flavour for all, So have fun looking through and have more fun trying them. You could also take advantage of our Shortfill Multibuy Deals, meaning you could even save some money whilst trying all your new flavours.

How to Add Nicotine to a High Vg Shortfill E-liquid?  

Adding a Nic Shot to a shortfill couldn't be easier; pop the lid from the top of the bottle and empty the contents of your Nic Shot in to the bottle. Put the lid back on securely and give the bottle a good shake for about 20-30 seconds.
A simple guide to how many 18mg nic shots to add would be as follows.
50ml of E-liquid - add one bottle to make a 3mg or two bottles to make a 6.
100ml of E-liquid – add two bottles to make a 3mg or four bottles to make a 6.
We wouldn't recommend trying to add any more shots as the liquid may start to lack flavour.

What Vape Kits use High VG Shortfill E-liquids?

The Perfect Vape Kits for high Vg Shortfills are Sub-ohm Kits; These are high-powered devices with larger coils and tanks.
You can find a range of Sub ohm kits in our Box mod Vape Kits on the website.
We would not recommend using these types of liquids in starter kits or smaller pod kits because they would be too thick and burn the coil of your vape kit far sooner.
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