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The Best Vape Starter Kits, E-liquids and Box Mod vape Kits

Online Vape Shop for Electronic Cigarettes, Vape Kits and E-liquids

Welcome to The Vape House! We are a leading online vape shop eager to satisfy all your vaping
needs and ship the best quality vaping products directly to your front door. We
supply electronic cigarettes, vape starter kits and e-liquids.

New to vaping?
We want to help you to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping. Our
fully trained staff are here to guide you.

Vape Kits

Check out our vape kits which are excellent value for money and great for newbies. We stock
electronic cigarettes, vape kits and vape pens from leading manufacturers in
the industry. Some of our top brands include Innokin, Smok, Aspire and Vaporesso.

The vape kits that we supply are all tried and tested. Here at the Vape House many of our
staff are vapers and ex-smokers. If we love to vape it then so will you!

E Liquids and Vape Juice

Our online vape shop has plenty of choice when it comes to e-liquids and vape juice. We offer a
variety of flavours including mint, fruit, tobacco and even dessert flavours!
From fruity to menthol, we can help you to find the vape juice that really
floats your boat!

We only stock the best brands including those that make the top 10 vape juice manufacturers
lists time and time again. This includes our favourites - Dinner Lady, Riot Squad, Doozy Vape, and Zeus Juice.

As we’re based in Wales, it would be rude not to include some Welsh stockists. Don’t miss
these tremendous e-liquids from Chefs Vapour and Decadent Vapours. Lush!

Oh, and our extensive collection of Nic Salt E-liquid, High Vg Shortfills or even Disposable Vapes will leave you spoilt for choice. We cater for
every taste and budget.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are great because they give you a level of control over your vaping that you don’t
get with a pen. They offer versatility - as your vaping style changes, it
changes with you. And you’ll be pleased to know that we have an extensive
selection of vape mods here at The Vape House.

Not sure what Vape Kits to buy? We can help you!

If you’re not quite sure what to buy then we can help you. Maybe you need help setting up
your first vape starter kit? Or maybe you are looking for recommendations on
Vape Mods, pod vape kits or e-liquid flavours? We’d love to help!

You see, at The Vape House we are customer focused and want you to be happy with every purchase.
Our staff are fully trained and most of them are ex-smokers and vapers. This
means that we know exactly what we’re talking about when we help you to make
the switch.

So come and join the vaping revolution…

Get your vape on!

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