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Blue Razz Ice by Seriously Nice 100ml E-liquid

Blue Razz Ice by Seriously Nice 100ml E-liquid, we all know blue raspberry, everyone's tried it, everyone's loved it. Every vaping company and their mums make a blue raspberry, and for good reason. It's bleeding delicious. We talk about balance a lot in e-liquids. Your sours need to balance your sweets. You don't want too much of either. The reason blue raspberry is so popular is that it balances itself! Equal parts sweet and sour, this head-scratchingly delicious e-liquid is a must-buy for those that love blue raspberry. Finished with Seriously Nice's signature cold finish this stands tall in a world where there are blue raspberries everywhere.

Blue Razz Icel E-liquid is 100ml of vape juice in a 120ml bottle, this allows room for nicotine booster shots if required. Seriously Nice is also a High Vg E-liquid meaning that it is a thicker type of juice and perfect for use in high powered vape kits.