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Smok - About the company

SMOK also referred to as Smoktech, is one of the leading brands of vaping products. The brand is owned by Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. Interestingly, it is one of the oldest brands of vaping products, with a reputation for introducing the latest and greatest before anyone else. Many vapers may already be familiar with the brand’s TFV4, a sub-ohm tank, but that’s just one of the many dozens of innovative products available to their credit.

SMOK is perhaps best known for being one of the first vaping brands to introduce dual coil technology in addition to inserting Bluetooth technology into vaporizers, as well as raising the bar in terms of vapour production.

A Brief History of the SMOK Brand

Established in 2010, the company is located in China’s Nanshan district, known for being the global centre for producing vaping products. However, unlike other Chinese brands, the company handles both research and manufacturing of their products.

The first vaping product introduced by SMOK was in 2011, with their dual-coil cartomizer. Back then, having a dual coil system was considered a bold move, and many critics thought it was overkill. However, they became popular amongst vapers, especially since they were able to experience flavour at an unprecedented level.

Later in 2012, SMOK introduced the Telescope, which was a system that allowed the vaporizers to use various batteries ranging from the 18490 to 1860 and 18500. SMOK holds the patent on this design. Later they introduced the ZMax and Vmax mods, which introduced the world to the company’s variable voltage vaping products.

Smok Vape Kits continued to introduce new features and often in an attractive, appealing package that was comparatively more affordable.

An Excellent Reputation Amongst Vape Brands

One thing that has put SMOK amongst the most prominent brands in the industry is that they offer reasonable quality at a considerably lower price point. The company has also started a couple of noteworthy trends like the dual coil cartomizers, Bluetooth connectivity, and sub-ohm tanks.

SMOK’s brand name has become synonymous with vaping enthusiasts who are obsessed with big clouds. That’s thanks to the success of the TFV4. Before SMOK got into the game, vaping products were mainly just rebuildable dripping atomizers. Today, many other brands follow in SMOK’s footsteps, often boasting similar technology but probably with sub-optimal results.

Final Word

People who have been vaping for close to a decade will probably agree that SMOK is one of the true pioneers of the vaping industry. The company has introduced many innovative devices, with its catalogue brimming with mods that are hard to find anywhere else. Furthermore, they have a reputation for coming up with truly unique designs in a market where competitors are copying other successful designs.

While SMOK continues to push the envelope in terms of technological advancement in vaping products, others seem to have taken the same path. That has amped up innovation and production of various vaping products to the delight of vapers across the world.

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