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Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks 

Vape Tanks are an essential part of any vape kit. It isn’t just responsible for holding your e-liquid; it also contributes to your vape experience through the airflow, drip tip size and coil type. You will find a wide range of vape tanks from the industry leaders such as Smok, Aspire. And Innokin. These Vape Tanks are of the highest quality and available for Mouth to Lung vaping, similar to the tanks you find on vape starter kits and the Direct to lung style of Vaping associated with sub-ohm vaping. You will also find a range of refillable pods for pod vape kits. No Matter your vaping style, we are sure to have a tank suitable for you.

Types of vape tank

There are five main styles of vape tank that are available.

  • Mtl Vape Tanks: Mtl means mouth to lung, a tighter draw similar to a cigarette. Many vape starter kits come with a simple to use Mtl Vape Tank, with many vapers preferring that vaping style throughout the vaping journey.

  • Sub Ohm Vape Tanks: Sub-ohm Vaping is all about the Dtl or Direct to lung vape experience. Sub Ohm Vape tanks can take larger coils that take more power and produce vast amounts of vapour.

  • Pods: Vape pods are the plastic style of tank that you find in pod vape kits. They can come in both mouth to lung or direct to lung.

  • Disposable vape Tanks: These tanks are available in both vaping styles, with many vapers enjoying the simplicity of disposing of a tank when the coil burns out and just replacing it with a new one.

  • RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomisers are for advanced vapers that like to make their own coils for an advanced vape experience. You can find these tanks in our advanced vaping section of the website.

What is the best Vape tank?

The best vape tank is the one that provides the style of vaping that you prefer. A Mouth to lung vaper will probably not like the open draw of a sub-tank, and the Sub Tank user will not like the restriction of an Mtl Vape Tank.

Also, when we are looking at this question, is the goal simplicity or function? A lot of Vape tanks can come with various features:

  • Top Filling: This means the top cap of the tank will unscrew so that you can fill through ports at the top of the tank.

  • Bottom Filling: Meaning you unscrew the tank in the same way you would when you replace the coil and fill through fill holes there.

  • Adjustable airflow: Meaning that there will be an adjuster on the tank with small holes that change in size so that you can alter the airflow that comes through the tank to personalize the draw.


Recommendations for tanks would be as follows.

For Mouth to Lung Vaping

Simplicity and Great Flavour: The Aspire K3 and the innkoin T20s Prism Tank

Disposable and Great flavour: The Innokin Go S Tank

For Features, Design and Improved flavour: The Aspire Nautilus GT Mini

For Direct To Lung Vaping

All of the Sub Ohm Tanks Listed will offer a next-level vape experience with solid flavour and features. Yes, that sounds like a cop-out, but with the introduction of mesh vape coils, Many tanks can now offer an incredible vape, so it is hard to choose. 

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