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Nic Salt E-liquid

Nic Salt E-liquids

Nic Salts have become the new favourite e-liquid amongst vapers for a good reason. Nic Salt E-liquids provide a more effective and immediate hit of nicotine, making it an ideal choice among people who want to quit smoking or vapers that prefer pocket-friendly pod vape kits. 

Because Nic Salts are 50% PG and 50% VG, it means Nic Salt E-liquids can provide a smoother vaping experience with higher levels of nicotine without the throat hit that comes freebase nicotine!

Nic Salts mainly come in 10mg or 20mg Nicotine Strengths, making them perfect for use in vape starter kits and pod vape kits.

What is Nic Salt?

Nic Salts are a form of nicotine that the manufacturer has processed with benzoic acid. The process means Nic Salts are faster absorbed, which means a more immediate and satisfying "hit" whilst also giving a smoother throat hit than traditional vape juice. 

The quicker absorption into the bloodstream means Nic Salts have become a popular choice for so many vapers - some find themselves feeling the effects of nicotine within only 6-10 seconds.

What are the Best Nic Salts?

The best Nic Salts are the ones you will use and enjoy; after all, if you don't like the flavour of your nicotine salt e-liquid, it becomes doubtful that you will vape it. All Nic Salt brands on this website are of the highest standard and have been thoroughly tested.

With so many high-quality Nicotine Salt e-liquid brands, it can be hard to choose, so here are some of our favourites.

  • IVG, which stands for I Vape Great, make some of the most popular Nic Salts available and have been a popular choice amongst vapers for quite a few years now.
  • Ohm Brew started life only making nicotine salt liquids, so they certainly know a thing or two about making high-quality flavours. Plus, they choose 3,6,12 and 18mg nicotine salt strengths, making them a good option for those coming from traditional vape juice.
  • Dinner Lady Nic Salt E-liquids have won many awards over the years for their range of flavours, and we are sure you will find some great Nic Salt flavours that you will enjoy amongst the vast range.

What are the best Nicotine Salt Flavours?

Where Nicotine Salt Flavours are concerned, it's important to remember that taste is subjective, and with so many fantastic flavours available, vapers nowadays really are spoiled for choice. Here are a few you could be tempted by, and don't forget to take advantage of the multi-buy deals.

  • Heisenberg Nic Salt by Vampire Vape is one of the most well-known flavours and is a countrywide bestseller, not just in Nic Salt Form but in all types of vape juice. So if a mixed berry menthol with a slight hint of aniseed sounds appealing, then definitely check it out. 
  • Lemon Tart Nic Salt by Dinner Lady is a dessert lover's dream and is a multi-award-winning flavour for a good reason: it tastes divine.
  • Pink Grenade By Riot Squad is a blend of Mixed Berries and Pink Lemonade. Riot Squad take a slightly different approach with their nicotine salt by making it a hybrid of traditional nicotine blended with nic salt, meaning that you get the faster absorption but with a slightly stronger throat hit. 

What Vape Kits works best with Nic Salt E-liquid?

Vape kits that can use Nic Salt E-liquid are Vape starter kits, and Pod Vape kits, the 50-50 consistency of nicotine salts work perfectly with this type of kit and will provide a satisfying experience.

We would not recommend using higher power devices like sub-ohm vape kits and would usually recommend using a vape coil that is 0.6om or above to get the most out of vaping nic salt.

One such example we've seen recently from Innokin is the Sceptre pod Kit, and it offers an easy way to enjoy nicotine salts in your favourite flavour.

Are Nicotine Salts better than freebase nicotine?

Some vapers believe Nic Salts are a better choice than freebase nicotine because of how the nicotine is delivered. They believe nicotine salts provide more relief from nicotine cravings and keep those cravings at bay longer than traditional types of liquid.

The best way to decide if nicotine salts are a better choice is to understand the main difference between how the nicotine is delivered.

With Traditional freebase nicotine E-liquids, the nicotine is absorbed more slowly. With this type of liquid, you are topping up the existing nicotine levels in your system, which is why users of traditional vape juice are often vaping small amounts but more often.

Nic Salt E-liquids get into your system far quicker, so rather than topping up, you are getting an immediate hit of nicotine similar to that which a cigarette gives.

So are they better? Well, in reality, that will be up to you and your vaping style to decide.

if you would like to know more? Give our Complete Guide To Nic Salts E-liquids a Read. 


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