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Voopoo Tanks

Voopoo Tanks

When it comes to vape tanks, everyone might have their own special preference. Choosing the right vape tank can and does make a great deal of difference. That’s why Voopoo manufactures some of the best vape tanks, as you might imagine. However, unlike other brands, they don’t have dozens of vape tanks.

They have MTL and a few good sub-ohm tanks that you can buy at The Vape House. However, the stand-out feature when it comes to Voopoo’s tanks is that they are well built. The tanks have a generous capacity and are easy to change when the time comes. All you need is to pair your tank with the mod and fire it up.

The VooPoo PnP Tank

The Voopoo PnP Tank is considered legendary; it is, after all, a brilliantly designed device that can both be used as a tank or a pod. It depends on what you want to do. The tank can be used with the Drag X and Drag S devices, to name a few, because it is compatible with over 510 other mods.

In addition, Voopoo’s PnP tank is also compatible with a host of PnP coils, ensuring that the tank offers thick vapour, with a loose and airy vape that people prefer. It is perhaps the best tank for people who consider themselves experienced vapers.

The Benefits of the PnP Tank

Well, for starters, the PnP tank is priced perfectly, and that’s one of the reasons it is their best-selling tank. Furthermore, the tank boasts quite a few pod features, making it the stand-alone device of choice for beginners.

The other feature worth mentioning is that Voopoo tanks are well built. So, they don’t just look great, but they can last you a pretty long time. Also, the company is always working on improving their tanks which may not always be instantly apparent.

Final Word

We know that choosing a vape tank is a very personal thing. Some people may have a particular aesthetic choice other may want a larger tank that lasts long. However, you always want to choose the best product out there.

While capacity, security, and price are important considerations, ensure that your vape tank is made to last. That way, you can enjoy an extended service life which saves time and money.

At the Vape House, we have some of the best vape tanks by Voopoo and other brands. Click here to find the right vape tank for your mod.

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  • Voopoo Drag S/X Pod 2ml

    Original price £7.99 - Original price £7.99
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    £7.99 - £7.99
    Current price £7.99
    Low stock

    Spare Drag pods 2ml

  • Voopoo Tpp-X Replacement Pod

    Original price £6.99 - Original price £6.99
    Original price
    £6.99 - £6.99
    Current price £6.99
    Low stock

    Designed for use with Voopoo Drag X Pro and Drag S Pro devices, this Voopoo TPP-X Replacement Pod is a great choice for those who want to freshen u...

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