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Frozen Apple Berry by Seriously Nice 100ml E-liquid

Frozen Apple Berry by Seriously Nice, This at first, simple-sounding e-liquid is anything but simple. Combining the crisp tart freshness of green apples alongside the tart sweetness of raspberries is something that should make you screw up your face for the sour kick your tongue is about to get. However, something magical happens when these two fruits come together. A smooth and delicious blending of the two creates a wonderfully balanced and moreish e-liquid that's going to satisfy that fruity craving.

Frozen Apple BerryE-liquid is 100ml of vape juice in a 120ml bottle, this allows room for nicotine booster shots if required. Seriously Nice is also a High Vg E-liquid meaning that it is a thicker type of juice and perfect for use in high powered vape kits.