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Chefs Vapour E-liquid Review

June 26, 2021 3 min read

Chefs Vapour are an E-liquid manufacturer from Aberdare in South Wales. Initially formed in 2012 by two professional chefs who found they could transfer their skills from cooking into making exceptional tasting e-liquids.

 In 2016 they changed the company name to Chefs Flavours as they had become more focused on producing flavours for the Diy E-liquid market with them keeping the name Chefs Vapour for their pre-made shortfill E-liquids

The Best E-liquid Flavours by Chefs Vapour

This article will look at some of our customer's favourite high VG shortfill e-liquid flavours and list what we consider to be the top five, which will be hard as all of their e-liquid flavours are amazing.

Tickle Me Pink

Tickle Me Pink By Chefs Vapour is a hugely popular fruit blend; with main flavour notes of Exotic Guava, mixed berries and apple, it serves up a sweet, fruity and satisfying all-day vape.

 We Think they nailed the flavour profile here, with just the right amount of fruit and sweetness. It is undoubtedly a flavour that will make your mouth water.

Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice by Chefs Vapour is a Tropical Tasting vape juice with primary flavours notes of mango paired with bananas and other exotic fruits. If you like your tropical fruit vapes, then this one is for you.

 Jungle Juice will always have a special place in my heart as it was one of the first flavours I tried from the chefs and the reason we started stocking them in the shop back in 2015, so there is no way I could compile a list that didn't include it.


Welsh Custard

Welsh Custard by Chefs Vapour is described as a thick and creamy custard vape juice that has been lovingly blended to perfection in Wales.

 If I didn't include Welsh Custard in this list, I think Rhys would kill me. After all, he describes it as the world's best custard vape, and it seems that many of our customers agree.



Guango by Chefs Vapour is a rich and sweet blend of guava and mango, finished with a refreshing icy blast and one that is perfect for those vapers that like a fruity but cold vape.

 You would think that cold vapes would only be popular with customers during the summer months, but that's not the case with Guango, with it proving to be a top seller all year round.



VapeFella By Chefs Vapour is a rich and creamy custard that has been expertly blended with notes of smokey tobacco.

 This one doesn't sound like it should work, but it does. It just does, and if jungle juice has my heart, then Vapefella has my soul and is a complete masterpiece by chef's Vapour and is loved by both custard and tobacco e-liquid fans alike.


Final Thoughts

You can tell that these are flavours that have been expertly blended and not just thrown together with a tonne of sweetener like some e-liquids. 

 Chef's Vapour Shortfill E-liquids are a must-try for those that use shortfill e-liquids, they are best suited for sub-ohm vape kits due to the thickness of the vape juice, and they come without nicotine meaning that you will need to add nicotine booster shots if required.


Alun Havard
Alun Havard

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