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Geekvape - About The Company


Geekvape is considered one of the leading brands in the vaping industry, which made its debut in 2015. The company's first product was the Griffin RTA which was launched in early 2016. The product ended up being so successful that it catapulted the brand ahead of others, especially since much of which they continue to offer is priced competitively.

Some of the latest innovative creations include the Ammit, Zeus, Avacado, and Peerless, with Aegis being their first box mod with their own custom chipset. Over the years, the Aegis managed to receive a great deal of success, leading to Greevape becoming one of the industry's most respected and trusted brands.

Geekvape's Success Over The Years

Geekvape has over the years become synonymous with user-friendliness, quality, and innovation. It is something that the brand continues to focus on even today. That's why their products never fail to impress vapers. The brand's devices are best known for being high-quality and durable, coupled with the latest cool designs.

Geekvape's Vape Kits are known for lasting a very long time. The company's products like the avocado boast excellent functionality and beauty, which is why it has its own loyal following.

Introducing The Aegis Legend Kit

The Aegis Legend Kit is a very well-designed, stylish box mod that is both water and shock-resistant. It is compatible with dual 18650 batteries, which are needed to support the 200watt output it can produce. It is one of the best devices out there for anyone looking for the ultimate box mod with extreme portability and power.

The mod is designed and made from six materials, including Die-cast aluminum, stainless steel powder metallurgy, leather, 40hrc carbon steel, and LSR silicone. The kit is IP67 waterproof and dust resistant, which means that it can withstand water for up to a depth of one meter for 30 seconds. Also, you don't have to worry about breaking it.

The DigiFlavor Lineup

In the past couple of months, Geekvape has added a bunch of new atomizers to their collection under the Digiflavour branding. The new lineup is very exciting because it sports a lot of innovative new technology unlike anything else available. The new lineup includes the Drop RDA, Siren 2, Thermis RTA, Mesh Pro, and Pharaoh Mini RTA.

You can buy the Siren in four versions, i.e., 22mm, which is great for mouth to lung, and direct to lung applications. Then there is the 25mm version which too is compatible with both MTL and DTL.

Final Word

Today, the vaping industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. However, it is also one of the youngest, with some of the companies barely a decade old. However, the industry is being driven by innovation both in terms of technology and design. Today, brands like Geekvape, which aren't even a decade old, have significantly impacted the vaping industry, with new surprises being introduced almost every year.

Geekvape already has a multitude of new products launched for the future, which promise to propel the brand to new heights if they are as advertised.


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