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Innokin Vape Mods

Innokin Vape Mods

Innokin vape mods are considered to pack some of the best technology under the hood. In fact, over the years, the brand has been able to pack more technology under their bulky exteriors compared to the competition. The technology is also far more superior than what much of the competition has to offer at a lower price point, which is why the brand's mods are popular amongst advanced vapers.

Since Innokin, like any other brand, manufactures a variety of mods, their wattages, sizes, firing power, and heating speeds will vary. Generally, you're getting more bang for every quid you spend on an Innokin vape mod. You can expect more intense flavour, thicker vapour clouds upon exhaling, and a much more durable casing.

Innokin is A Leading Brand

It is widely accepted that Innokin is a leading brand in the electronic cigarette industry. The brand is best known for its long list of personalized vaporizers or APVs as they are called. Also, they never fail to introduce new and improved MODs; some of the most popular ones include the Innokin Coolfire Z50, Coolfire Z80, and iTaste MVP amongst others.

Many people in the market for a vape mod will often end up buying an Innokin mod, and most people who have been vaping for a while would have used an Innokin mod at some point.

Innokin Z50 – Best Mini Mod

A discussion of Innokin vape mods in our books will be incomplete without mentioning what is considered the best mini mod of all time. The Z50 mod isn't your average mod; it's sturdy, satisfying, simple, and yet small. It is slightly larger than the Cool Fire Mini but has a lot going for it under the hood. It has a large 2100mAh internal battery for starters, which means that the Z50 can go all day long, even with increased 6-50W output, making it perfect for DTL and MTL vaping.

The Z50 also comes packed with a couple of unique features like a master switch for the power located on the base, which means that even after pressing the button several times in the pocket, it will not activate. It is perhaps one of the most well-thought-of safety features since many people have been known to accidentally activate their devices in their pockets.

You can check out the Innokin Z50 here.


One of the other stand-out features of the Innokin family of vape mods is that they look great. If anything, you will feel proud of taking it out in front of friends and family. If you want to make a fashion statement, you can’t go wrong with an Innokin vape mod.

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