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Everything You Need To Know About The Innokin Brand

Innokin has to easily be one of the most trusted brands in the vaping industry. The brand is responsible for some of the most cutting edge and affordable products, from their Innokin Adept zlide kit to the kroma Z  and everything in between.

Many newbie vapers will start with an Innokin product; most continue to stick with the brand but move on to more advanced products. One of the reasons cited by many users for sticking with the brand is affordability and excellent design. Compared to other brands, the relatively low fault rate means that many Innokin kits will outlast those of the competition. Looked at another way users save money, and that can never be a bad thing.

History of Innokin Vaping Products

Innokin was founded in 2011 and became a high street vape brand in the UK soon after. According to the company, their goal was and continues to be combining innovation, high standards of quality, and design to revolutionize the vaping industry. Over nearly a decade, the brand has managed to innovate extensively to the point where many of its products look and feel better than what is available elsewhere. A good instance of this is their T18x starter kits and Sensis Pod Kit, both of which are highly popular and innovative products.

The brand’s vaping products are manufactured at the company’s 10,000m² in Shenzhen, China. To assure buyers of quality products, the company adheres to certification guidelines by ISO9001 & ISO14000, GMP, CE, ROHS, FCC, and others.

Innokin has over 29 Invention Patents, 193 Patents for their Utility models, and 98 Design Patents. In addition, 136 Processing patents, making it one of the most innovative businesses in the vaping industry.

Are Innokin’s Products Good?

Yes, their products are exceptionally good, and that’s one of the reasons why they are so popular. In addition, it is also why we carry just about every product by the brand. However, their most popular category of products has to be their starter kits.

Innokin’s starter kits have been popular since 2013, and their kits are still considered the best today. Innokin’s vape kits are amongst our best sellers. The attractive starter kits are also one of the reasons why people get into vaping.

Final Thoughts About Innokin’s Vaping Products

Innokin is one of the best brands for anyone who wants to get into vaping. While their starter kits are amongst the best you can find, many others to choose from are just as good. However, Innokin is perhaps still the brand of choice since they continue to offer excellent value for money.

Innokin has devices that can be used for high PG (Propylene Glycol) and High VG (stands for Vegetable Glycerin), which is a good option for anyone looking to switch to DL vaping
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