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Smok Vape Mods

Smok Mods

The common misconception amongst many people who haven’t owned SMOK mods is that they aren’t all built the same way. Trust us, we’ve tested and used just about every SMOK mod out there, and everyone is built with excellent quality materials.

The only difference is perhaps how it looks and the technology packed within its chassis. While there are many SMOK mods that we’d list as being worth trying, many of which are on this page, here are a couple of which are our personal favourites.


The tank works perfectly with the sub-ohm kit. That said, this is the brains of the operations, and what makes this 230Watt beast make you light up and enjoy the excellent flavour it has to offer.

We can attest to the fact that this mod is designed unlike most other mods by other companies. It looks great, and the buttons are placed in all the right places. It also sits comfortably in the hands.

In addition, it is P67 Waterproof, Shockproof, and Dust resistant. If anything, it means that you can drop this mod in the bathtub or the swimming pool without worrying about your money going down the drain.

Its support for USB Type C 2.0 is a bonus, especially since it allows users to charge the mod quickly and on the fly. However, make sure that you update to the latest firmware, which fortunately is faster with the new Type C 2.0 port.

The mod features many modes like the Bypass Mode and TC. Most people will enjoy trying these out, but if you just want to stick with standard wattage vaping, that too is also super simple.

SMOK SCAR 18 Vape Mod Kit

Now, if you want a no-frills vape mod that works as advertised out of the box, then you can’t go wrong with the SMOK Scar 18. It is one of the best vape mods in our experience, with 230W of power, allowing you to control the vaping temperature.

The mod has been assembled brilliantly, with an ergonomic design and excellent software UX, making setting up the Scar the way you want it easy.

The mod comes accompanied by a TFV9 mesh coil tank to ensure the best sub-ohm performance. You can adjust everything and use it with a pretty extensive list of supported coils.


The SMOK RPM160 is not your traditional vape mod. Instead, you can consider it a sort of all-in-one type device. Many people see it as a hybrid because it sports all the pod vape and vape mod attributes, minus any downsides.

The best thing is that you’ve got 160W of power, the support for massive cloud vaping using DTL, and a large battery that will last for a few days on a single charge.

The only downside to this vape mod is it is large and pretty heavy. That might be a turnoff for some people. However, we enjoy this mod because it packs a pretty good punch in terms of cloud-making potential and flavour delivery.


While above are the best SMOK mods in our experience, there are others. That said, if you are looking for a quick purchase, these are the ones to pick up today.

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