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Voopoo - About The Company


Voopoo is a vaporizer brand that’s best known for being amongst the most advanced in the world. The company’s brand of vaporizers features what is called the Gene Chip in their vape mods.

Over the years, Voopoo has become known for its commitment to producing some of the best, most innovative products in the vaping industry. The brand’s products are both versatile and durable, with the Gene Chip packing more innovation, power, and customization than any other brand has to offer. In fact, the Gene Chip claims to be the fastest when it comes to ramping up to power the atomizer.

Some of the devices that use the company’s Gene Chip include the Voopoo Drag 2 and the Voopoo Drag Mini, amongst others.

A Brief History of Voopoo

Voopoo was established in 2014 and is pronounced “view-poh” for those interested. It was instantly one of the fastest-growing companies in the vaping industry. Soon after, it joined elite brands in the e-cigarette industry with a mission to serve both industrial and medical fields. Since the company was so well rooted in tech, Voopoo and the e-cigarette industry proved the perfect match. A few years after Voopoo was established, the company acquired a vaping brand called Woody Vapes.

Woody Vapes was a pretty well-known US vaping brand, and its acquisition in 2017 was a major step for Voopoo since the company officially entered the vaping industry with it. That led to the company using its technical prowess to develop new chipsets and tech, which led to the increased popularity in the industry. The Gene Chip proved to be a success, which started as being featured on box mods, but later it became increasingly common because it offered reliability, speed, and versatility.

Voopoos product line today ranges from entry-level vaping products to ones that can easily slip into your pocket and powerful box mods. The company also has a line of sub-ohm vaping tanks with a loyal and growing following. The company continues to pursue technological development by creating vaping products with unique designs and craftsmanship.

Each new product by the brand brings something new, which is why fans of the brand eagerly await every new launch.

Voopoo Today

Many believe that Voopoo isn’t just a vaping brand but offers vapers an alternative lifestyle. The company has extensive professional product design and development teams that develop products especially catering to their audience.

Voopoo Vape Kits are sold the world over, but in particular tend to be popular in Germany, France, America, and the UK. However, there are also retailers in South America, North America, South Asia, etc. A broad reach means that you’re never too far away from a Voopoo branded product, making it possible to take your vaporizer everywhere and be assured that coils, kits, and e-liquids will be available.


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