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Sub OHM Vape Tanks

Sub Ohm Vape Tanks 

Browse our fantastic sub-ohm vape tanks, available in a range of styles and suitable for most budgets. Sub Ohm Vape tanks are all about enhanced flavour and massive vapour production or what are sometimes called "Clouds". We have a great selection from the leading vape companies such as Geekvape, Uwell, Horizon and Smok. Sub Ohm means that the coils in these tanks are less than 1ohm in resistance, which is why many of these tanks can perform at such high wattage. Sub Tanks are well Built and offer a range of features such as adjustable airflow and clever filling mechanisms. They also tend to have different coil options that allow the user to create the perfect vape experience. Please Note that sub-ohm vape tanks are for high powered vape mods and will not work on many smaller vape kits.  

E-liquid for Sub Ohm Vape Tanks

Due to the coils' size and wicking holes within Sub Tanks, the E-liquid we recommend would be High VG Shortfill E-liquid. Because High Vg is Thicker than standard E-liquid, it not only wicks better through those bigger coils, but it also helps with the vapour production that sub-ohm vapers find satisfying. 

What are the best Sub Ohm Vape Tanks? 

The differences between sub-ohm vape tanks nowadays are so slight it is hard to say which is the best. It really would be splitting hairs. Many of the tanks have fantastic build quality with a range of coils with wicking materials we could only dream about in 2015. Personally, nowadays, I would choose a sub-tank based around the wattage level that I like as some are fantastic in the 30-60 watt range whilst others excel at 100w plus. 

How to use a Sub Ohm Vape Tank

Sub Tanks, as we previously explained, are direct to lung style of vaping. They are for use with high powered vape mods as they require a high amount of watts to make them work efficiently, some tanks needing as much as 120 watts or more. 

Sometimes not understanding this, Some vapers that upgrade buy these kits while not fully understanding how they work or how to get the most out of them. So here are some tips. 

Wattage Level: Most coils either on the packet or the vape coil itself will have a "Best" rating, meaning that this is what the manufacturer considers to be the wattage required for the coil to run at its optimum level. Powering the coil outside of this can create problems. 

For Example 

A Coil Rated best between 80-90w at 40w will almost always make the coil flood with juice, and needing somewhere to go, the liquid will end up leaking out of the airflow. 


A Coil Rated between 40-60w at 90w will almost always end with either the coil burning out or the user getting a mouth full of burned cotton taste because the coil wasn't able to wick enough juice to cope with the power meaning the most horrendous dry hit. 

Solution: Power the coil within the recommended "Best " range and only alter power outside of this by a couple of watts each way. If you find that that isn't hitting your sweet spot, try a coil rated Differently. 

Remember these are direct to lung sub-ohm tanks, so you need to take Big Inhales straight into your lungs; small puffs or trying to mouth to lung these tanks will mean that the tanks will not be able to vaporize the E-liquid efficiently, which often leads to flooded coils. 

So Have Fun, Take Big, Huge Inhales, use the correct power rating, and you will be in Vape Cloud Heaven. 

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