These One Shot Flavour Concentrates for Diy Eliquid provide those that like to mix their own E-liquid with a one shot solution to having their favourite flavours whilst still being able to do it themselves. We stock many Eliquid Concentrates in Store from companies like Drip Hacks, Chefs Flavours, Vampire Vape and More and over time will be adding them to this site. 
DIY E-Liquid
DIY E-Liquid
black n blue concentrate
Black N Blue Concentrate by T Juice
Black N Blue by T Juice is a devilish mix of liquorice, blueberries and grapes,
colonel custard concentrate
Colonel Custard Concentrate by T Juice
Colonel Custard Concentrate by T Juice, Sweet-toothed vape fans will want to join the ranks of Colonel Custard's army.
jack the ripple concentrate
Jack The Ripple Concentrate by T Juice
Ice cream lovers rejoice! This sweet and creamy raspberry ripple ice cream inspired vape will bring back memories of childhood puds while giving you a grown up throat hit. A firm favourite amongst Europe's vaping community, Jack is the definition of an ice cream for adults!
strawberri concentrate
Strawberri Concentrate by T Juice
Calling all summer fruit fans! We've taken a punnet full of strawberries, added a hint of cream and finished with a subtle tang of raspberry for a fabulously fruity all day vape.
ty-4 concentrate
Ty 4 Concentrate by T Juice
T-juice’s take on the vape classic RY4, this reincarnation contains a bit more nuttiness and a sprinkling of Demerara sugar, just to give it a little extra magic. Irresistible!
vamp vape concentrate
Vamp Vape Concentrate by T Juice
Sink your teeth into this blood-curdlingly good combo of creamy caramel with hints of coconut. This is one sweet and innocent - but with a tasty bite!
forest affair concentrate
Forest Affair Concentrate by T Juice
Forest Affair Concentrate by T Juice, Marrying over ten different flavours, this complex fruit vape combines notes of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and sloe with vanilla and a sprinkling of spice
high voltage concentrate
High Voltage Concentrate by T Juice
High Voltage Concentrate by T Juice is an exquisite blend of fresh menthol and maraschino cherries
green steam concentrate
Green Steam Concentrate by T Juice
Green Steam Concentrate by T Juice is a forest fruit vape with top notes of blackberry and blueberry
virgin leaf concentrate
Virgin Leaf Concentrate by T Juice
Virgin Leaf Concentrate by T Juice, This smooth tobacco taste is mainly derived from bright leaf tobacco, commonly known as Virginia.