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Decadent Vapours E-liquid - Complete Guide

Are you looking to try new Vape Juice flavours? As you probably know already, E-Liquid or Vape Juice is what provides the nicotine solution and adds the flavour to vapes and e-cigarettes. It creates the vapour that mimics traditional cigarette smoke, but with the added benefit of offering many fruity and sweet flavours. We’re here today to introduce you to one of our favourite brands - Decadent Vapours.

Decadent Vapours        

Introducing Decadent Vapours

Decadent Vapours was established in 2009. The company has been around since vaping first became a popular alternative to cigarettes smoking. Decadent Vapours  was actually one of the first ever companies to produce e-liquid in the UK and it remains an industry leader.


Some of their bragging rights include…

  • Real Tobacco taste made with Tobacco Absolute and triple distilled
  • The cleanest nicotine created in a 13 step process
  • First company to acetyl to test for propionyl, diacetyl and DEG in the world
  • Top choice for safety - their e-liquids consistently come out the cleanest in testing
  • Use high quality ingredients and a secret recipe
  • Original menthol created using 100% menthol crystals
  • All e-liquids produced and tested in ISO-7 Laboratory


Testing and Selling the Purest E-Liquids

Because all of their e-liquids are developed and tested in an ISO-7 lab, you can be sure that they are of the highest quality. You are reassured of the purity of each Decadent Vapours product. In fact, they are so confident that their nicotine is the purest tasting on the market, they will even refund you if you disagree.


Full Range of Decadent Vapours E-Liquids

Decadent Vapours produce a full range of E-liquids for vaping. You can choose from over 20 Decadent Vapours flavours. The company has won numerous awards over the last few years and independently tests each batch of e-liquid for impurities and imperfections.

But we think that you will find - other than DV being a quality product - it’s the delicious flavours that really make Decadent Vapours so special. We have tried and tested several of them here at The Vape House. We can’t get enough of the Fruit Bomb and Banoffee!


Best Sellers

We test the best Decadent Vapours e-Juice flavours here at The Vape House - many of our staff are ex smokers and vapers. We know for sure that you will love these flavours - our personal favourites and our best sellers:


Froot Bomb 

Decadent Vapours Fruit Bomb

Quickly becoming one of the Decadent Vapours all-time favourites is the Froot Bomb! From citrus to cherry, this will taste like an explosion of all of your favourite fruits in your mouth at once. Enjoy this fabulous fruity Frenzy!



Decadent Vapours STRAWBERRINO

Another exotic and fruity favourite is the Strawberrino. This summery sweet Vaping juice with Strawberry overtones comes in 10ml and a choice of nicotine strengths. 



Are you a big fan of Banoffee Pie? If so you will absolutely LOVE this vape juice - Banoffee E-liquid is a delicious blend of banana and creamy caramel. This tantalising twist has been a dessert favourite since 2014.


Menthol Special Blend (MSB)

If you are a big fan of minty flavours then you can’t miss out on this Menthol special blend. This combination of minty and Eucalyptus tones is the ultimate MSB. Refreshing and revitalising, this popular vape juice is available in 10ml and is the perfect choice fo vape starter kits. 



Away with the fairies? If you love that wormwood and Aniseed taste of Absinthe then you will love this Absinthe e-liquid too! Decadent Vapours got the blend of 20 herbs and spices just right on this one. It was one of the first Decadent Vapours e-liquid back in 2009. The Absinthe vape juice is an award winning e-liquid and remains a leading favourite today.



New York 60

Our last but not least e-liquid best seller is the NY60. This is a popular blend of mocha and tobacco with undertones of caramel and vanilla. Again, this Decadent vapours favourite is available in 10ml bottles and a choice of 3.6 or 12mg. 


Looking for Inspiration?

Need more Decadent Vapours inspiration? How about trying one of these quirky flavours which are top e-liquid flavours: Refreshers, Cherrylicious and Rhubarb Cuddle.



Our other favourite Vape Juices

If you like these Decadent Vapours juices then why not check out some of our other leading brands in e-liquids? We also love - Dinner Lady, Riot Squad, Doozy Vape, and Zeus Juice.


If you are just starting out in vaping then we have some great Vape Kits that are easy to use. We can even help you get set up, just contact us if you need anything.

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